Hi all!  We just got back from an amazing weekend to Punta Mita, Mexico (details on the trip to come).  Are you planning a trip to Mexico any time soon?  Do you need a little inspiration?  Here are some of my suggestions when packing for Mexico.  Thanks to Jill Roberts, Nordstrom and Shopbop I was able to find everything I needed for our vacation.

1. Soft Cotton Voile Top                        2. Linen Slide Sandals

Mexico Pack 1           Mexico Pack 2

3. Smocked Skirt

 Mexico Pack 3

        4. Floral Dress                                5. Straw Taco Clutch                      6.  Little Ruffle Dress

mexico pack 5           meixco pack 4  mexico pack 6

7.    Knotted T-Shirt Dress

         mexico pack 7

8.  Lounge Pants                                9. Boxy T-Shirt                        10. Linen Shirt Cover-Up

mexico-pack-8.png        mexico pack 11             mexico pack 9