Hi! I have been meaning to finish this post for a few days now, but of course, life happened – driving home from mammoth, unpacking, doing laundry, getting the ski stuff put away and ready to go for next year, making sure G, B, and Coco are entertained while on Spring Break, managing the construction happening at our house, getting ready for Easter, packing (again) for a few days in La Quinta, etc. it has been a busy couple of days!

In my last post I mentioned how I was torn between skiing and not skiing, being with Coconut or being with the boys and I wanted to give you a little update. Well.., it turns out I was feeling guilty and worried over nothing!

At 8am Sunday morning, the babysitter Karen (with The Village Sitters) showed up right on time, full of energy, and with a giant box full of toys. Upon meeting her, I was instantly put at ease. It took Coconut a few extra minutes, “momma can I please go with you,” and ” can brothers stay with me” before she was fully comfortable with her new friend. I had made a trip to Michael’s before we left for some crafts for Coconut and Karen to do while I was skiing with Matt and the boys (dot-art, coloring book, etc…). They got right down to business while we all finished gathering our ski gear.

When I went to say good-bye, Coconut gave me a quick look, a bye momma, and then went back to playing with the oh so cool LEGO castle Karen had brought with her.

Excuse me!!! What was happening? She wasn’t sad, there were no tears, in fact she wasn’t even phased. I was so proud of her. My husband of course said “I was never concerned” when I mentioned how smooth that exit was. Insert eye roll from me! Yes, I am the worrier and over-analyzer of the family! I would like to say that is going to stop since clearly I worry over nothing most times, but it won’t! I will keep worrying and I will keep putting too much thought into simple situations because…that is what I do! I know, I know, I k know, it is useless and a waste of time to worry over things I can’t control!

She was down for a nap when I got back to the condo, but told me everything she and Karen did when she woke up. She was excited and I was thrilled! Coconut was even happy to have Karen babysit her again the next day. “Do I get to play with the castle again, momma?”

I knew Coconut was in great hands and for that I am grateful. I am so happy that I was able to spend time with G, B and Matt up on the mountain and family with them!

I highly recommend Karen, her daughter, and their babysitting services! If you need someone while on vacation in Mammoth, give them a call! They also rent toys and other baby/toddler accessories!