In a few months we are heading on our first international adventure as a Party of Five!  To some it seems daunting or brave, but I see it as an adventure.  It is going to be a long flight, I might be walking to Sweden with my 10 month old who is dying to be on the move, but I can’t help but be super excited for the fun that awaits us.

As we get ready, I’ll document how we prepare for this 2 week trip, what we pack, necessities we just can’t leave behind, what will be in our carry-on bags, etc…

STEP 1: Passports for my three littles…CHECK

STEP 2: Global Entry for the littles.  My husband and I already have this brilliant feature associated with our passports.  Do you have it?  If not, YOU MUST.  On our latest trip to Mexico we were through customs in just 15 minutes!

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