Our golf club is denim free.  I like this rule, but there is definitely some push back.  Let’s be honest, my generation of members is greatly annoyed with this rule because jeans are easy. We all have them, a lot of them, in different color washes, different styles, wide leg, straight leg, ripped and non-ripped, frayed and not frayed. The jean culture was revived about 18 years ago and has been flourishing ever since but the older generations still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. The older members, however, are just thrilled with the denim restriction.  Can’t you hear them? “What is wrong with kids these days with the holes in their jeans?  How much do they pay for those holes?”  “Why must the young kids wear jeans everywhere, haven’t they heard of dressing up?”  “Why is everyone so casual? It is a reflection of their laissez faire attitudes.” And yes my-almost-40-self fits into the “young kids” category here.  I am a huge jean fan but I can get down with the alternative when I need to.

Jeans are a staple for me.  You will more often than not find me in jeans and a white v-neck.  That is my momiform.  But when we go to the club for any family event, dinner, or just to the driving range I must find something else in my closet to wear, like a dress, a jumpsuit, slacks, etc.  My track pants even work (click the link to see more)!  There are so many non-denim options, I just have to search for them deep behind all of the denim in my closet.

This past Sunday, Coconut and I met Matt and the boys for an early dinner after they finished playing 9 holes.  I wore this beautiful Ulla Johnson dress.  Coconut wore her Minnie Mouse costume, of course (insert eye roll)!  She has been wearing it everyday for the last week ever since Minnie Mouse had a lightsaber battle with a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader.

Do you live in jeans as much as I do?  What are some of your go-to non-denim options?



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Outfit Details: Dress – Ulla Johnson; Shoes – Elyse Walker (sold out similar here); Bag – Louis Vitton; Sunglasses: Prada (sold out)