TGIF!  Am I the only one that feels like I have had the busiest and most productive day but when I look back on it, it seems like I haven’t actually accomplished anything?

Last Tuesday, my day pretty much went like this:

6am – Showered, made breakfast, cleaned up breakfast, made sure kids were dressed (and didn’t forget their underwear), brushed teeth, made sure backpacks were packed, packed snacks and lunch…

7:55am – Dropped of G and B at school

8:07am – Starbuck’s run; a large coffee for me and a pink cake pop for Coconut

8:45am – Manicure/Pedicure – every third time or so, Coconut gets one too.

10am – LA Brea Tar Pits

11:45am – Ate Picnic lunch on the LACMA grounds

12:45pm – Dropped Coconut at my parents’ house for her nap

1:23pm – Picked up G from school

1:35pm – Went to Pinkberry for some quality one-on-one mom-time and Homework

2:15pm – Dropped G at my parents’ house

3pm – Picked up B from school

3:12pm – Went to Pinkberry for some quality one-on-one mom-time and Homework

4pm – Met G, Coconut and my parents at the field for Baseball Practice

5:25pm – Ate Dinner at the Mall (it is a quick ride from the baseball field)

6:45pm – Home for shower and books

7:24pm – Put all three kids to bed

7:25pm – Sat and watched Matt eat his dinner from the Mall

8:35pm – Remembered I meant to call the dishwasher repairman, Spectrum to replace one of our DirectTv boxes so we can actually watch Dodger games this season, UPS boxes of Coconut’s hand-me-downs to my friend, send paint colors to our contractor, and pick up the dry cleaning

8:37pm – Scheduled reminders on my trusty phone to get all of the above done

9:33pm – or so – Passed out while watching the latest Madam Secretary episode.

What did I really get done?  It seems like nothing, but yet I was running nonstop.  Yes, I kept three little people alive, transported them here and there, made sure my husband had dinner when he got home from work even though it was from the mall.  I only accomplished one thing on my to-do list (the story of my life). I called Spectrum – probably not the most important on the list – but the only one that didn’t put me on hold for 30 minutes, or require me to provide a serial number that I didn’t write down before leaving the house, or send me 20 minutes in the opposite direction of where I actually needed to be.

It is Friday and I still haven’t picked up the dry cleaning, hoping to get that done this morning.  Yesterday I remembered to send the paint colors to the contractor, and Wednesday I finally scheduled the dishwasher repairman – of course we have a four hour window on Saturday right smack in the middle of when the boys have a basketball game, baseball photos to take, and a birthday party to attend.

The struggle is real!  How do you get it all done? Please help me feel better, that I am not the only one barely getting it all done.