Doesn’t Get Better

It doesn’t really get much better than sitting on the floor with two out of the three of my littles cuddling and reading a book.  I don’t force reading on them (though we do it every night before bed), but when they came to me this morning eagerly begging me to read a book to them (three times), I couldn’t say no.  I absolutely love to read and I hope that some of that has rubbed off on them in some way…

The book we were reading?  The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man by Michael Chabon.

Do you have a young boy or girl who loves superheroes?  This book is perfect for you and your kid(s).


I take advantage of every moment that they give me; sitting still and sitting close.


CamelliaAve’s Three:

  1. Never say no to reading a book – if you show interest, your littles will show interest too
  2. Always read before bedtime – make it part of your littles’ nighttime routine
  3. Introduce your littles to books from your childhood – read a favorite book from your past, maybe they will love it as much as you did

Happy Reading!