Flowers Delivered Straight to You

Need flowers in a pinch? Well, there’s an app for that.  Order flower bouquets online or through their app from The Bouqs Company.  Their flowers are longer-lasting, affordable, fresher and brighter.  Flowers are cut on the day your order is placed and delivered within a day or two after.  With my daughter’s baptism coming up, quickly, and three children to tend to, I couldn’t find the time to make it to a flower shop or even the Los Angeles Flower Mart (can you imagine the havoc my littles would bring?).  The app and website are easy to maneuver around and includes photos of all bouquets and expected delivery dates.

On Wednesday I placed the order, on Friday the floral boxes arrived, and today the flowers are still blooming.  Here are the table centerpieces I put together with the flowers I received.