Scottsdale – Part I

When my sister asked me to join her and her family in Scottsdale for a quick family getaway, I jumped at the chance to getaway.  After looking into flights and contemplating how I was going to manage all of the gear that goes into traveling with three littles on my own, I made the executive decision to road trip!  It was the perfect time to make a trip to Arizona.  The weather was perfect, not unbearably hot.  It was the perfect location for a vacation with the littles; Scottsdale offers a bunch of kid-friendly activities.  Here are a few that we did:

  1. McCormack-Stillman Railroad Park – this was perfect for my nephew who is obsessed with everything trains.  There was a carousel, a mini-train to ride, three real train cars to walk through, and a room full of model trains to admire.
  2. The Phoenix Zoo – we’ve been to our share of zoos and this one is pretty great. You can really see each and every animal you visit.  In the primate section of the zoo they actually let the I-can’t-remember-which-type of monkey swing freely among the zoo guests.  There are Giraffe feedings, camel rides and a great Safari Shuttle that takes you around the zoo.
  3. AZ Air Time – Trampoline Gym.  Who doesn’t love a good trampoline gym?  This speaks for itself – activity and fun four hours.  Trampolines, foam pit, two bouncy houses, basketball hoops and a few arcade games.  Escape the heat here.