Baptism – Family Attire

I like to coordinate when I know we will have family photos taken.  More often than not, it works better in my head than it does in reality!  The latest event?  My daughter’s baptism.  My dress was black, structured and perfect for a mom in church, and frankly nothing else looked right or fit considering I still have 15 maybe 20 lbs to lose to even be where I want to be weight-wise (oh the daily battle). While no one else was wearing black, at least the tan heels I wore complimented the suits  the guys were wearing and tied it all together.  Here is what we all wore:

  1. Summer Suit for Him (Brooks Brothers)
  2. Linen Summer Suit for my Little Boys – from Macy’s on sale NOW!  We didn’t use the purple gingham button down for this event.  And the pocket square is attached to the suit jacket but can be easily tucked in and hidden.
  3. Black Structured Dress for Me – Black Halo. I contemplated wearing the white one but thought I would let my daughter be the primary focus; Heels – Jimmy Choo Heels from 5 years ago – similar to these.
  4. Baptism Gown for Her – Isabel Garreton (great choices for both girls and boys)

A few pictures of us all.  I don’t claim to be perfect and neither is my family; the pictures I post are evident of that! Everyone doesn’t look at the camera when asked and we don’t always get smiles from the littles – tongues out are pretty standard!  I could get mad, but why?

Reagan_Baptism Day-152