As a woman, having a skin ritual is so important to healthy skin.  As a mom of three I don’t often take time to focus solely on myself.  But as I am getting older (almost 40!), my face regimen is something I have become somewhat obsessed with.  Over the last year (after I did my first Fraxel treatment – more on this coming later) I have become really committed to the following products and don’t leave the house or go to bed without taking just 10 minutes to myself.  I mean, I might have to get up at 5am in order to squeeze in my morning skin ritual but that is the life of a mom right?

What’s your skin regimen?  I would love to hear from you!



skin regimen 1

STEP 1: FACE WASH Revision Skin Care – Gentle Cleansing Lotion.  An aesthetician told me a while back that I actually have sensitive skin (I never thought this before) so I started using this face wash because it was incredibly gently and doesn’t dry me out.

Face Wash

STEP 2 MORNING: PCA Skin – PIGMENT GEL and C&E STRENGTH SERUM – I mix these together after I have dried my skin and rub evenly all over my face and neck.  The Pigment Gel contains Hydroquinone which is a lightening agent and helps to keep my skin tone even, lightens my acne scars and melasma. The C&E Strength serum is vital in minimizing wrinkles and keeping skin tone even.  I use these two together in the morning only.

HyQ C and E

STEP 2 EVENING: PCA Skin – INTENSTIVE BRIGHTENING TREATMENT – After my skin is dried completely I rub this evenly all over my face and neck.  It contains 0.5% Retinol which helps to keep my breakouts to a minimum and brighten my skin tone.  I use this serum at night only.


STEP 3 MORNING: LA MER REVITALIZING HYDRATING SERUM – I put this serum on after to help maintain hydration in my skin.  The hydroquinone can be a bit harsh and somewhat drying so I put this on afterwards to help soothe my skin and hydrate it.

La Mer 1

STEP 3 EVENING: LA MER THE CONCENTRATE – I use this after I put the retinol cream on my skin to restore it and keep it strong.

La Mer 3

STEP 4 MOISTURIZE: LA MER MOISTURIZING CREAM – I finish it off with this amazing cream.  My face has never felt so moisturized and hydrated.

La Mer 2

I don’t claim to be a skincare expert, but this regimen has been working great for me!  You can buy many of these products on Amazon.  I really do love as well!  You can find the La Mer products at Nordstrom.  Links have been included above.