Good Morning!  How is it Monday morning already?  And of course because it is Monday morning, all of my kids decided that this is the best day to sleep in! And by sleep in, yes I do mean 6:30am.  In what house is that actually considered sleeping in? MINE!  This weekend our days began before the sun even rose; the boys woke up at 5:45am ready to go and not even remotely tired.  So this morning without my two alarm clocks going off super early, I lollygagged. Instead of getting everything ready like packing lunches, making breakfast, and organizing backpacks, I sat enjoying my cup of coffee scrolling through Instagram.  Needless to say our morning was a bit hectic.  It went something like this:

Me: Good Morning boys. How’d you sleep?

Them: Good.

Me: Here’s your clothes, please put them on and come meet me downstairs.

Me (from downstairs): Have you gotten dressed yet?

Me: Come on Boys, time to get dressed.

Me (stomping up the stairs): GET DRESSED NOW!

Me: Okay sit down, here is your breakfast.

G: I don’t want waffles, I want oatmeal.

Me: Please eat the waffles.

G: Noooo.  Please can I have oatmeal?

Me (sighing): okay, fine.

Me: Please sit down and eat your breakfast.

Me: Sit down and eat your breakfast NOW!

Me: Alright, put your backpacks on. Time to get in the car.

B: Just one more basket.  Watch this, I can make it from this far back and not hit the rim.

Me: Great job. Now, put your backpacks on, please!

B: Just one more.

Me: NO! Put your backpacks on and get in the car NOW!

Me: Let’s go. Go, go go.

Coco: Where’s my backpack? I want to bring my backpack.  I want to go to my school too.

Me: Here’s your backpack.  No school today Coco, you have school on Wednesday.  

Coco (tears, lots of tears): I want to go to my school like brothers!

Me: Everyone, in the car NOW!

Anyone else have to repeat themselves over and over and over?


Thankfully I don’t have anything going on today so I just didn’t have it in me to put on jeans this morning, so sweats it is.  I have been living in these Sincerely Jules Lux Joggers that I got from ShopBop.  They are comfortable and easy to throw on for a Monday morning, especially one that has come way too soon.

Happy Monday to you all! Did your Monday mornings run smoothly?



sweats 1


sweats 2

sweats 3

Complete Outfit Details – Sweats: Sincerely Jules. Top – Riller & Fount. Shoes – Addidas Originals.