One-on-One Time…

Good Evening!  It has been a busy week over here.  Things always seem to move so fast, we don’t have many moments to just slow down.  There is always homework to be done, a practice to go to, a music class to attend, dinners to be made, lunches to be packed, dishes to do, and so on…I miss the times when commitments were minimal, when we had our afternoons to stay close to home and just play and really be together.  Coconut and I are able to squeeze in some real good quality one-on-one time around her classes in the mornings while her big brothers, G and B are at school.  G and B and I don’t get the same one-one-time we used to.  Until now…

B decided that he really wanted to sign up for an after-school enrichment program about animals and the myths about them.  G had no interest.  (Another post on the twins separating for an activity and how important this is coming soon).  Very selfishly I tried to push him to do the class with his brother, but he stood strong in his decision against.  In a moment of clarity, I realized that this was actually a great opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with G.  We could do anything, within reason of course, he wanted to do in the hour and a half we would have between when I picked him up and when I picked up B.

On our first afternoon together, G and I went for a hike.  Here are some pictures of our time together.  hiking 2

hiking 3


hiking 5

With just one of my boys, we were able to focus on each other without interruption.  We could talk.  I was able to listen.  We laughed.  We were active together.  Plain and simple, we had fun!  I am looking forward to next week.  I really hope he is too.

Now to find time to get some one-on-one time with B!