Happy Friday Everyone!  We have had a trip planned to Mammoth for this weekend for a couple months now, but as luck would have it, the plans got foiled just a bit – I got called into work to help my student prepare for a math test.  I should clarify, plans weren’t foiled for everyone, they just changed for Coconut and me. (It is all about juggling the work-life balance and the mom-guilt right?).  We were still going we just weren’t going right then.  This is hard for a two-year old to understand.  For the boys though, everything stayed the same; they were going up to Mammoth for their first trip of the season.   We wanted to avoid having two cars, so they, along with Matt, squeezed into our friend’s car and made the trip up to Mammoth as planned.

Coconut and I helped pack up the car, waved good-bye and then watched them drive away.  The tears started shortly after we couldn’t see the car anymore.  Well actually they started when Coconut noticed “her lunch box” on the front seat.  I had packed snacks for Matt to give the boys for the long car ride.  She was not pleased that her lunch box was going to Mammoth and she wasn’t.  So of course I quickly ran inside and switched things around.  Her lunch box would stay here with her and make the trip when she did.  Her cries when it really sank in that they were gone and they had gone without her were heartbreaking.

Coconut (crying): I want my daddy to come back.  I miss him so much.  I want to go to Mammof with brothers.  I want to go to Mammof nooooooowwww….”

She was very disappointed when I told her that we weren’t going right then, that we would be leaving the very next day bright and early.  I hate to disappoint my children, but unfortunately disappointment is fact of life.  She became very attached and needy.  She really needed a pick me up and some good quality mother-daughter time.   I didn’t have to go in until after Coconut went to bed so we did get to spend the whole afternoon and evening together, just the way she wanted and needed it.   We went for a walk down the street to find the neighborhood cats and any dogs out for a walk (she just loves animals).  She helped me make dinner, she helped me pack the bags for the two of us, she read to me, we watched The Emoji Movie, and did quite a bit of cuddling.  I really enjoyed it!

My alarm went off at 4:45am…I stumbled out of bed, got situated, packed the car and finally made my way into her room at 5:30!  She was sitting up and waiting for me.  She smiled at me, tossed her paci aside and said:

“Hi Mommy.  I am ready to go to Mammof now.  I want to go see my brothers and my daddy.”  

Alright Coconut, let’s go!

How do your children handle disappointment?  I would love to hear your stories.



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Outfit Details: Top – Free People; Jeans – Mother Denim; Shoes – Golden Goose Deluxe Brand; Sunglasses – Prada (sold out but similar here)

Coconut’s Outfit Details: Top – Target (sold out but brand is Afton Street); Leggings – Target; Shoes – Natives. Bows – Amazon.

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