I wish I could say that these pictures were actually taken on my way to drop the kids off at school yesterday, but they weren’t.  In all honesty, this is what I was wearing, I just didn’t have anyone to snap my picture.  One of these days, I will let one of the kids step behind the camera for once and take my picture.  Let’s be honest, I will let all three of them step behind the camera because if one does it, the others have to do it too.  If and when I do, I will share those pictures for sure!  So, as a result, my pictures are totally posed and staged.

I have three kids, I am busy…most mornings when I leave I am dressed for the day; I am running here and there and stopping in and out of the house.  Every morning is different but one thing stays the same, if I want to shower I need to get up before the kids do, I need to get dressed before the kids need breakfast and we are out the door.  Me time happens between the hours of five and 6 am (hubby time happens after the kids go to bed).  It is a really really good thing I am a morning person.  I used to be able to shower during Coconut’s nap and “get ready” half way through the day, but naps aren’t always a guarantee these days.  I am not ready for her to give up her nap completely, not at all!

So I apologize for the overly staged and posed pictures (I  definitely don’t look this calm and collected in the morning making the mad dash to load the kids in the car and get to school on time).  It started off cold, hence the need for the jacket but the afternoon was warm, so it is a good thing my knit sweater doesn’t have sleeves.  Love the black and  military green color combo.



shopburu 1

shopburu 8

shopburu 6

shopburu 7

shop buru 2

shopburu 5

shop buru 4

Outfit Details: Jeans – Rag & Bone (similar here); Jacket – Lucky Brand (sold out but similar here); Sweater – ShopBuru; Shoes – Adidas Originals; Sunglasses – Prada (sold out).