I love a long holiday weekend!  Who doesn’t?  That extra day off makes the weekend feel like a vacation – relaxed mornings, no lunches to be made, no backpacks to be packed or emptied, no rushing out the door, no commitments, pajamas until lunch time, an extra amount of special family fun time, and later bedtimes which you would think would mean a later start to the day, but in our house it doesn’t.

This weekend, Matt and I went out with friends to a restaurant in the valley we have been wanting to try (I wouldn’t recommend it but I will leave those details in my Yelp Review).    It took me a while to pick out what to wear to dinner; I have had these off-white shoes in my closet for a while now calling to me.  I have really wanted to wear them but the no-white-after-labor-day rule kept making me think twice about putting them on and wearing them out.  There is still about three months before the long Memorial Day weekend when the no-white-after-labor-day rule no longer applies, but I thought I would be rebellious and wear my not-quite-white-white shoes anyway.

What do you think?  Do you have any white or not-quite-white shoes that you are wearing even though it is after Labor Day and before Memorial Day?



white shoes 7

white shoes

white shoes 2

white shoes 3

white shoes 4

white shoes 5

white shoes 9

white shoes 8

Outfit Details: Jeans – IRO (sold out); T-Shirt – Club Monaco (sold out); Shoes – Jimmy Choo; Purse – Bernini; Sunglasses – Prada (sold out).

I am so sorry that everything seems to be sold out.  i guess it took longer to put this outfit together than I expected.