Happy Saturday! I admit it, I bribe my children, I use things they like to incentivize them. It took me a while, but I finally realized I could bribe Grant and Brooks and encourage some spectacular behavior like stopping when I say stop, not running through a crosswalk directly after I ask them to walk, stopping before a driveway not in the middle of it, being polite and saying hello to someone who says hello to them first, putting their shoes and backpacks on the first time I ask, and saying yes mom whatever you want, to name a few, with a small promise of a trip to Big 5 or Dick’s Sporting Goods. I am still working on what will work for Coconut… It is amazing how an expedition to one of these stores works, just the prospect of a trip inspires them to follow the rules, remember their manners, and listen. Every visit is like a new adventure.

We ended this week with a well-deserved trip to Big 5 Sporting Goods. They were like kids in a candy store on a major sugar high; they ran up and down the aisles checking out all of the sports equipment, touching this and bouncing that.

We don’t buy something every time we are there, but instead scope out sports goodies and pick out items “they can earn” over time. Up and down every aisle I hear “momma can I earn this?” “Momma can I earn this next?” It gives them something to look forward to and something that I can use to remind them, actually hold over them, when particular unbecoming behavior starts to make an appearance more often than I like.  Let this be said, I don’t expect any of my kids to be perfect or to have perfect behavior all of the time.  I do expect them to be respectful and polite, to listen, and to be safe and aware of their surroundings. I know my children aren’t perfect, I know they need to misbehave, act out, and push some buttons, this is all part of growing up!  But a mom needs a few tricks up her sleeve to help guide her children in the right direction, right?  I just do what I can!

How do you motivate, or should I say bribe, your children to behave?



big 5 1

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