Last Monday Coconut finally had the opportunity to drag her brothers to one of her “sporting events” and I use the term loosely. It was President’s Day, there was no school for the boys and Matt didn’t have to go into work so I decided that as a family we were all going to her parent-and-me soccer class (led by GB Soccer School). The boys moaned and groaned but I refused to let them off the hook.  Somethings we just have to do whether we like it or not.

Them: UGH, do we have to?

Them: I don’t want to!

Me: Yes! This is not up for debate…

Being the little sister isn’t always easy! But Coconut makes the best of it. She goes to most of their practices, school events and performances, cheers them on during their games and rarely complains. Frankly, she is good for about 45 minutes and then she is annoyed and ready to move on to something else, but still she is there and she is supporting her older brothers. It was time for reciprocation.

I literally jumped at this chance to bring the boys to watch Coconut and to support her! Indirectly I was making a point.  I used Coconut’s 45 minute soccer class to bring my family together, to show the boys what it is to be spectators not just participants and cheerleaders, their sister’s cheerleaders.

Let’s be honest, they didn’t sit criss-cross applesauce and focus on the soccer in front of them, instead the boys brought their baseball gloves to keep themselves entertained. They threw the ball back and forth to each other while the young kids kicked soccer balls into the goals. But when it came time for the obstacle course section of the class, I hollered over in their direction and they stopped and watched Coconut take her turn.  As the class came to a close, they nonchalantly sauntered over (I didn’t say a thing to them) to watch as all the kids received stickers. Coconut was so excited to show her big brothers the sticker she got!

I silently patted myself on the back as we loaded ourselves into the car.  A win for me in the parenting column, but who is keeping track?  HA