Happy Wednesday!  As you can probably tell from my posts, I am a sneaker addict.  Yes, I probably have too many, but I just can’t help myself.  I see a new style or a new color and I must have it.  My husband says that my shoes are taking over the closet (I will work on organizing, storing, and purging them eventually).  During the day, when I am with the kids, I just don’t wear heels, wedges or anything that prevents me from running fast.  I never know when I have to climb the play structure at the park and ride the slide down a hundred times, play pitcher at the baseball field for batting practice, or race down the street after my energetic and eager kids while frantically yelling at them to please not run past the stop sign and straight into oncoming traffic!  Sneakers are a necessity, especially if I want to keep up.

Here are some of my faves of all different prices.  Some I have and some I don’t.



sneaker 1

sneaker 2

sneaker 3

sneaker 4

sneaker 5

sneaker 6

Sneaker Details: 1. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand 2. Vince 3. Adidas Originals 4. Adidas           5. Gucci 6. Gap