Good Morning! I am a procrastinator. I do my best work in the morning, very early in the morning, I always have and I still do, hence my 4:45 wake up calls to workout and cross items off my to-do list. Throughout high-school I would study a bit at night but would set my alarm to wake up before the sunrise to finish studying to retain the information. Throughout college I would write my papers the night before – I would do the research beforehand but the actual writing took place somewhere between 11pm and 4am. I seem to do my best work in a pinch with a little extra pressure because time is running out.

You would think when it came to packing lunches and backpacks for school, loading up baseball bags, grabbing baseball practice clothes and coordinating snacks and toys for Coconut, I would realize that it was best not to procrastinate. I would have less to do in the morning which would make me calmer and less rushed. But every night after the kids go down, I hang my mom hat up, come downstairs, sit in my corner of the couch, while Matt sits in his. We talk about our days, catch up on social media (well I do anyway, he doesn’t have Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter or anything of the sort), get some work done, and watch a show or two, then head to bed to recharge and do it all over again. I don’t make my way back into the kitchen to pack lunches or do anything else prep-wise!

This morning was particularly insane – we barely made it to school before the second bell rang; of course as I was trying to pack the lunches there were a million requests for more orange juice, wipes because someone was sticky, more bacon, more wipes because someone spilled, and so on. I went back and forth, back and forth from kitchen to breakfast table. After the breakfast dishes were cleared, I inevitably had to run back upstairs five times because I left Coconut’s socks on her changing table, grabbed the wrong sweat pants for B, and forgot to put deodorant on (or maybe I didn’t but better to be safe than sorry). Packing lunches and sports bags, laying out clothes for the next day, and whatever else needs to be done ahead of time doesn’t mean that those millions of requests miraculously won’t be made, or that I won’t forget something vital like brushing my teeth or underwear for the boys, but at least my simple mom tasks will be complete and I can focus on the needs of the moment. It is on me to change things so we aren’t cutting it so close and my nerves aren’t on edge!

Tonight I am going to plan ahead, pack everything for the next day, put it all by the front door so it is ready to be loaded into the car. I swear, I am going to do it! I won’t procrastinate tonight! I am determined to see this through…I’ll let you know how it goes and if our morning is any less insane.

Do you procrastinate your mom duties? Are you a procrastinator in general? Comfort me and let me know I am not alone.