Good Morning, I am sitting here shocked that this day has come!  The day that G and B, with certainty, have come to me and told me that they don’t want to take part in a soccer anymore.  Wait, what?  I am confused; my sports enthused, constantly moving, energizer bunnies don’t want to play a sport anymore  This can’t be right!  What is going on here?

They have been participating in the same soccer class with pretty much the same group of boys for the last three-and-a-half years.  This class has become a staple in our weekly schedule.  The days and times have ebbed and flowed over the years, but without fail, G and B came to rely on this hour of fun as part of their week.  Because of the coach, the amazing coach, it quickly turned from a class to entertainment, from organized exercise to recreation, and from rote drills to competitive scrimmages.  Without even knowing it, all of the boys challenged themselves, advanced their soccer skills, and became a team.

I am so sad to say good-bye for so many reasons:

  1. The coach.  He is beyond incredible.  He speaks and they listen, he is firm but fun, and he captures and keeps their attention.
  2. The friends.  The boys have formed and maintained friendships with all of the boys.  Most of them aren’t in school together anymore, but this was an opportunity to continue fostering those friendships and keeping the relationships alive.  Coordinating play-dates can be so hard these days!
  3. The parents.  The boys’ parents have become my friends as well.  We have come to rely on each other during this hour whether to vent, brag, cry, or laugh.  We have done it all.
  4. The break.  Coconut is often napping back at home so while the boys are on the field, I have one hour, one hour to chat uninterrupted with friends, to check email, catch up on texts,  and sit back and just watch and cheer on my boys.
  5. The activity.   This hour provides organized activity, organized fun where there is never an issue with each other, they don’t bother each other, and they don’t push buttons, theirs or mine.  They just have fun, they run around, and they exert energy.

All of my sadness aside, it is important that my boys, all my children in fact, know they can tell me when they don’t want to do something and I will listen.  They must be reassure that I will support them, their opinions, and their decisions.  This doesn’t go for not wanting to go to school, or not wanting to brush their teeth – school and hygiene are non-negotiables here.  I don’t want to force them to do something they don’t want to do.  I don’t want them to burn out.  So, for now we will take a break from soccer.  Maybe they will want to revisit it in the future, maybe not.



soccer 1

From their very first soccer class with GB Soccer School (yes dressed completely preppy)

soccer 7

Coach Seth (finally wearing soccer appropriate clothes)

soccer 2

soccer 3

Waiting their turn (fully decked out in soccer kits, courtesy of Amazon)

soccer 5

soccer 6

Finishing up on of their final soccer sessions

Soccer offered by GB Soccer School